The key to breaking cycles of exploitation is fiscal independence. Empowered Network collaborates with trafficking survivors to get there.
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Agency. Empowerment. Opportunity.

Too often, services end but economic and social barriers remain, putting survivors at high risk of further exploitation, experiencing homelessness, and/or remaining in the service cycle their entire lives.

Empowered Network’s innovative approach demonstrates what’s possible once obstacles are removed that shouldn’t be there in the first place. With the generous support of allies, advocates collaborate with survivors on an Empowerment Plan that sets dreams in motion.


Individuals who do not receive the care they need during or immediately following their trafficking situation cost their communities $5.3 million over their lifetime.

– Eradicating Human Trafficking (2024, Safe House Project Research Institute)

“Without expert support and trafficking-specific resources, at least 80% of trafficking survivors will be revictimized by the same or a new trafficker and their children become a part of the exploitation cycle.” – The Counter Trafficking Data Collaborative


In 2021, 65% of victims were recruited over the internet.*

– Polaris Analysis of 2021 Data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline

When anyone is vulnerable, everyone is vulnerable.

Trafficking can look a million different ways but rarely appears how it’s portrayed in the media. Yes, some people are handcuffed to a bed, but, far more often, needs we all have—like the need for connection, food, a place to sleep—are weaponized and exploited.

“Empowered Network meets you exactly where you are with your goals and fuels your motivation to accomplish your wildest dreams.”

– EN Alumnus