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Our Impact: Economic freedom

Empowered Network is successful every time a survivor secures stable housing and fiscal independence. The network is tied to over $5.5 million dollars in new wage creation since 2017.


At least 80% of survivors who do not receive resources specific to human trafficking and long-term support after the moment of crisis are revictimized by traffickers. A 2023 study showed that 83% of survivors had experienced poverty, 40% had a criminal history because of their trafficking experience, and 60% experienced financial abuse by their trafficker. All of which make it extremely difficult to establish a career and secure stable housing. Empowered Network is proud to step in at this critical juncture to provide tactical funding and personalized guidance so survivors and their families can exit the cycle of exploitation and poverty for good.

Changing Generational Trajectories

Every survivor who achieves fiscal independence is in a much better position to protect their children, ending generational cycles of poverty and exploitation.

To track the more qualitative goals of the program related to curating confidence, igniting hope, and establishing focus, questions are asked at the beginning, middle, and end of the program surrounding the member’s level of empowerment, barriers, goals, and level of community support. On average, program participants see a 72% positive increase in their outlook, highlighting the physical and mental health improvements made over the course of the program.


Hear From Our Alumni

“This program has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m thankful to have had the most kind, patient, and encouraging advocate to help guide me throughout this process. Having an advocate as a positive influence has played a significant role in shaping my current circumstances.”

“Empowered Network connected me to some amazing people like my advocate, and they helped restore my hope for a future in ways I didn’t realize I needed until then! Thank you to this amazing organization…I’m so grateful to have been a part!”

“I wanted to give you the biggest thank you ever for having my back and for encouraging me and for supporting and loving me as I transitioned into a college graduate. This has been a lifelong goal and has been extremely challenging, and I write this in tears because I’m just so grateful for the support my advocate has given me and for your team.”

2023 Impact Report

On day one of meeting, a survivor was asked, “Who do you trust?” and she responded, “No one.”

Three months later, after EN bridged a gap with her education and housing that has her living independently for the first time while balancing school and full-time employment, she was asked again:

“Who do you trust?” She responded, “Myself. I am strong and smart and knew I could do this.”

Who will you empower?