Empower Her Network Joins Forces with Lulu Frost to Launch the Empowerment Bracelet
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Empower Her Network Joins Forces with Lulu Frost to Launch the Empowerment Bracelet

Press Release Contact:            Kristy Norbert / knorbert@empowerednetwork.com

 release October 2, 2017




Press Release Contact: Kristy Norbert / knorbert@empowerednetwork.com
Sarah Saxty / sarah@lulufrost.com


release October 2, 2017

“The power and energies it carries, become those that the wearer can carry.”
-Lisa Salzer-Wiles

Forever free—that is what inspired the design process for Lulu Frost founder Lisa SalzerWiles and survivors of human trafficking as they collaborated on a bracelet to raise awareness and engage the public in combating modern slavery. “Progress starts with people internalizing the reality of human trafficking. We are thrilled to work with Lisa and her team at Lulu Frost on a bracelet that is more than just beautiful; it will help rebuild lives,” Kristy Norbert, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Empower Her Network.

The inspiration for the design came after Lisa spent time with survivors in India where the symbol for Diwali kept appearing in drawings and architecture. When it surfaced that Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, celebrates knowledge over ignorance, and focuses on hope over despair, the Lulu Frost team knew they’d found the centerpiece for the Empowerment Bracelet. “Metal is from the earth, it is so rich and elemental. The power and energies it carries, become those that the wearer can carry,” says Lisa.

The bracelet, which will be for sale on both the Lulu Frost and Empower Her Network websites, will have a retail price of $49, with all profits going to EHN to provide resources, education, and employment opportunities to survivors with a will for independence. Co-founder and Board Chair of Empower Her Network, Abby Fabiaschi, hopes this inspirational piece will be worn by people uniting against the human trafficking epidemic, and provide financial foundation to enable women to rebuild a life of their choosing. “Jewelry is an expression, and this piece stands for resilience and strength.”

We look forward to impacting survivors through this Empowerment Bracelet. Circumstances can be changed. Opportunities can be created. Join us in putting these young women on a roadway to independence. Destination: Her Choice.

About Lulu Frost: Lulu Frost is a jewelry brand based in NYC, founded by designer Lisa SalzerWiles in 2004 with the purpose of spreading meaning through each of her works. Lulu Frost is beloved for its modernistic approach to celebrating the past, coupled with a brand commitment to create lasting value and meaning in each and every piece.

About Empower Her Network: Modern slavery is a human rights emergency, affecting 21 million people worldwide. Rescuing people from slavery without a post-rescue plan leaves survivors vulnerable to re-trafficking and further exploitation, which is why Empower Her Network exists – to provide those with a will to independence a path forward. For more information, go to www.empowerednetwork.com.

Video & Images available upon request.