Giving Tuesday Donation Matching
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Donating is EASY – Follow these Instructions:

  1. Choose an amount you would like to donate, or enter a custom amount.
  2. Credit Empower Her Network with the donation by clicking on the dropdown menu and choosing “Empower Her Network”
  3. Enter your name, and write a message if desired
  4. Enter your credit card information and choose any additional options


  1. All donations must be given through Giving Butter. Checks must be made out to the Change Reaction
  2. When a donor donates they have to specify the team they are donating to. There is a drop-down menu for them to select the organization.
  3. There is a credit card processing fee the donor has a choice to cover if not TRC will cover it. The reason this is being done is so TR C can keep track of the donations that are going to the correct teams for matching purposes.
  4. Any donations made where the team was not selected will be later divvied between all teams.
  5. When your donor goes on to the website, there is a tip for giving butter. All you have to do is click “other” and put zero so they don’t have to tip. You are not obligated to tip giving butter.
  6. Funds are unrestricted.
  7. Shared stocks are not accepted.
  8. The amount of giving is unrestricted.
  9. A donation letter slash tax receipt will be sent to the donor via e-mail.