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With five years of data, it can be said with certainty:


100% of
program alumni

graduate with stable housing


average income increase
over 16.5 months*

*This is often only the beginning;
many survivors graduate as they complete
a program with a more promising career path.

310+ children

who were once at high-risk
of being trafficked, now live
above the poverty line
in safe housing

The network also has qualitative measurement tools to track

progress on the more subjective components of the program —

curating confidence; igniting hope; establishing focus.

These life skills are purposefully held back from trafficked persons and need to be relearned.

Below is one real-world example of this less tangible, but critical growth:

Day one of meeting a survivor was asked, Who do you trust?” and she responded, “No one.”

Three months later, after EHN bridged a gap with her education and housing that has her living independently for the first time while balancing school and full-time employment, she was asked again,

“Who do you trust?” and responded, “Myself. I am strong and smart and knew I could do this.”

2022 EHN Alumni Reflections

Think about Empower Her Network now in your life, what thoughts/feelings/emotions, etc do you have that you can share with us?

I feel a sense of community and support. I feel seen in where I am and where I am headed, not where I have been and what happened to me. The EHN west coast retreat connected me with so many amazing women who are excelling in all different areas of life, and it was exciting to connect with fellow survivors and honor where we have been while also praising what we have accomplished and where we are headed. The best was the laughter we had, and we had so much! Also, the Christmas party is one of my favorite holiday events every year!

Looking back at your time with EHN, why were you nominated and what did you accomplish during your time with them?

I was nominated because I was potentially needing some housing and relationship support, and I was also interested in a sealed name change. I was able to get the support I needed through Lena and an attorney she connected me with who worked with me pro bono to legally change my name! It was something I wanted to do for many years for safety reasons, but hadn’t been successful completing on my own. Now that I have, I feel more freedom, safety, and autonomy. I was also able to complete an HR Management Certification program at a local university! This helped a lot in moving forward in the nonprofit human resources field.

What is something you wish people knew about EHN?

I wish people knew EHN connects survivors with support to expand skills, explore careers, life paths, and financial independence. The financial webinars were super helpful as that has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced getting out and staying out of the life. Knowing I fully support myself and am planning for my future without having to do what I once thought was the only thing I could do to get my basic needs met, I know I am making that high school senior I was when I got in the life so proud.